e*thirteen LG1+ chainguide review£129.00

Super-light chain device

BikeRadar score4.5/5

When it comes to keeping your chain in place, e*thirteen certainly know a thing or two. That could be why Steve Peat, the Athertons, Sam Hill and numerous other top downhill racers use the new LG1+ chainguide.

There have been a few tweaks to its previous incarnation to make it lighter, more user-friendly and generally better. The device now uses a more integrated adjustable bashguard. This means that the back of the guide is completely flush, making it easier to fit to a multitude of bikes.

The top and bottom guides now pivot apart to make replacing a chain much easier and less time-consuming. The back plate, to which everything is fixed, also offers chainring size indicators to help when setting things up.

At around 169g, the LG1+ is super-light. It looks cleaner and more refined than many other guides out there and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s consistently reliable and, thanks to the new idler cog, extremely quiet. Even in gloopy conditions the LG1+ didn’t falter and continued to do its job without issue.

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