e*thirteen SRS+ chainguide review£129.00

Amazingly light and effective guide

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The original SRS chainguide sealed the market up a few years back with its incredibly strong and reliable design. Now totally redeveloped for 2009, the SRS+ has lost an incredible 325g but retains its hallmark protection and chain retention.

The new slimline back-plate has an adjustable lower arm to accommodate all chainstay formats. Elsewhere, the Supercharger bash-plate has gone, and in its place is the new honeycombed design, with alloy inserts that enable the use of standard chainring bolts.

It’s easily set up and is slightly quieter than the previous model due to a silent roller. When mud clogs the honeycomb bash-plate, it’s easily washed out again.

This new design weighs slightly less than the old LG1 lightweight system, which is a big pull for those looking for a bit more protection, but if this still isn’t light enough, there’s a new Light Guide coming next, which weighs even less.

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