e*thirteen XCX guide review£39.95

Lose weight and tighten your chain

BikeRadar score3/5

The XCX guide is designed for those strong enough to hit the hills in middle ring, or for those in hill-free areas. It’s similar to MRP’s 1X guide, although it weighs slightly less, at 56g.

It’s compatible with 32- to 42-tooth chainrings, and is pleasingly both easy to fit and easy to set up.Using the XCX means you ditch your shifter, front mech, two chainrings, bolts and even enables you to shorten the chain. Your bike loses a fair bit of weight, and the tighter chain keeps things quiet.

The backplate is made from nicely machined aluminium, and has a very neat tongue-and-groove connection with the guide itself, keeping it very stiff and less susceptible to bending than other similar guides. A smart gold captive bolt and nut completes the visual appeal and looks great on either the black or white versions.

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