Shimano XT Dyna-Sys cranks review£210.00

Smooth shifting cranks

BikeRadar score2.5/5

We jig tested this crank four times to confirm the rather disappointing stiffness figures. We were surprised that Deore is stiffer than XT – it didn’t feel appreciably less stiff on the trail than the Race Face Evolve or FSA Afterburner.

It’s worth underlining that none of the cranks on test are flexy; they’re all stiff enough, only some are more so. What XT loses in stiffness to Deore is balanced by the 122g weight loss. However, boil that down to price and the £125 difference equates to a costly premium of £1 per gram saving in weight.

Performance-wise, Shimano XT is still right up there. Its cold-forged Hollowtech II cranks use a separate swaged-on alloy spider and hard anodised 24/32/42 Dyna-Sys rings to deliver shifting that’s almost on a par with XTR.

Although in performance terms there’s little to distinguish XT from SLX, XT is a reliable workhorse and remains a go-to sub-900g crank with near-as-dammit XTR level performance for less than half the price.

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