Raceface NEXT Carbon cranks review£369.00

Stiff and amazing-looking hollow cranks

BikeRadar score4.5/5

These hollow carbon cranks are certainly stiff, and the arms emit a resonating sound when you change gear, which reminds everyone that you’re running a very expensive pair of cranks!

Their performance can’t be faulted, and the Phil Wood grease-injected bottom bracket is still running smoothly - although the usual wet British summer may end that.

For comparison, Shimano XTR cranks weigh 52g more but cost £69 less than these. It really depends on how much you want carbon fibre.

Carbon fibre cranks generally rely on internal aluminium spines for strength and rigidity, but RaceFace have dispensed with internal reinforcement here.

Instead, the arms are pressure-moulded and the core is then removed to save weight. With the sheer amount of pressure exerted on the material, RaceFace are able to produce a very stiff and strong crank. The pedal inserts are bonded in a way that guarantees they won’t loosen or creak, they say.

The usual ultra high quality RaceFace chainrings are fitted as standard, complete with shifting ramps and pins that ensure decent shifting in all but the foulest of conditions.

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