Dia-Compe Gran Compe Zero front mech review£39.99

Part-carbon front derailleur

BikeRadar score1/5

Once a shift is made, the Gran Compe Zero front mech is capable of delivering fast, efficient changes with the chain easily stepping between chainrings.

Unfortunately, our derailleur had significant slop in the pivots after just one ride and we were disappointed to see both cage plates and the tension spring corroding after only one month.

It may function well now and isn’t overly heavy at 98g (braze-on) but we’re not convinced that performance will last. Because of our concerns we contacted Dia Compe’s UK distributors, Ison Distribution.

The company told us they hadn’t had any other reports about corrosion in the front mech, but were concerned at what we'd found and suggested it could be prevented by the use of lubrication. Dia Compe are looking into the situation and will keep us informed of any developments.

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