Quad QHD-4 Axis Brake review£59.95

Fantastic value for money disk brakes

BikeRadar score5/5

These brakes from Quad are fantastic value for money. For less than the price of a single Avid Juicy 7 brake, you can have a pair of these – and the performance isn’t a million miles off that of the Juicy either. 

The Axis is an entry level dual piston, but the power it offers is terrific.

Based around a simple flip-flop style lever (which can be mounted either way up for right or left handed users), the hose exits the lever directly – as opposed to using a banjo – and comes in a length that will suit most bikes.

The lever appearance isn’t far off an old Hayes Mag, and has a similar feel too. There’s a nice woody feel, and while it does lack modulation – which may bother some people – the performance is great. 

Set-up is a doddle, and everything you need to get the brakes operational is provided, aside from zipties.

Once it’s on your bike, a surprisingly short bedding-in time paves way to sharp, powerful braking – although the particular pads fitted did squeal a fair bit when out in the wet.

This brake represents astonishing value for money and is an essential upgrade for anyone who is looking to bridge the gap from rim brakes to the world of hydraulics. 

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