Quad QHD-5.2 Dime Pro disc brake review£99.99

Adequate for trail use

BikeRadar score2/5

The right-angled radial master cylinder gives the Dime Pro an up-to-date look, and you get gold knobs for both reach and power control adjustment built into the long lever blade assembly. Wavy 'Pulse' rotors help to push out dirt, but do make up a significant part of the relatively chunky pound-per-end weight.

Adjustable hose rose and syringe-based bleeding make it easy to fit and fettle in the first place but the unique bottom-loading Quad pads aren’t the easiest to find as spares. Power and control are adequate for average trail use. It’s much less impressive when you start working it hard though.

The contact point adjustment feature affects feel, so the brake is either soft and spongy or you need to dial in excessive reach to stop the lever hitting the bar before you get proper stopping power. This is definitely a brake that’s best left at home if you head to the big hills.

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