Shimano M535 Deore review£60.00

Unbeatable budget disc brakes

BikeRadar score4/5

Shimano’s basic brakes have never had outstanding performance, but they’ve always been dependable. New pricing makes them an unbeatable budget buy.

For a start, they use a proper double-sided calliper design at a price where most brakes are single-sided. They come fully bled and ready to use, too, with a universal mount setup, so consistent performance is guaranteed. They’re adequate in terms of power, and their weight is hefty, but modulation and control benefit from their lack of brutality.

Despite the low price – but probably because of the simple design and impeccable manufacturing standards – we’ve never had a single mechanical problem with any of the scores of Deore sets we’ve used on test bikes. 

They will fade if you really cook them on a long Alpine-style descent, but we’ve run them on olive oil (rather than the recommended mineral oil) in post-crash foreign holiday emergencies. 

You’re pretty much guaranteed back-up in any bike shop worldwide, too – all of which makes them a bargain no-brainer for only £60.

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