Control Tech Thunder road fork review£199.99

All-carbon rigids

BikeRadar score4/5

Control Tech will please the racing crowd with this stiff and direct handling fork. Fling yourself into bends as fast as your tyres will allow and the stout all-carbon construction shrugs off cornering loads and holds your chosen line.

With this fork in place, steering felt more direct and positive in all situations, which is testament to its rigidity. Aerodynamically shaped carbon blades minimise drag too, but all this speed comes at a cost to comfort and weight.

Small vibrations on smooth roads are nicely absorbed, but as bigger bumps crop up the fork stiffens significantly which makes for an uncomfortable ride on broken tarmac.

While not the lightest, a sub-400g weight is good when steering is this precise. If you’re racing or wanting to descend smooth roads at top speed, the steering precision that this fork offers is worth the reduction in comfort.

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