Kinesis Racelight 7075 road fork review£59.99

Winter training fork

BikeRadar score3/5

The Racelight is designed as a rugged training fork to see you through harsh winter miles, with mudguard eyelets and drilling for deep drop 57mm brake callipers.

Steering precision was fantastic on smooth roads, but on bumpy corners the rigid blades meant the tyre skipped around without finding grip.

The relaxed geometry created by a long axle-crown (A-C) length and 43mm offset result in stable steering, though it’s not so lazy that training will be dull.

A high stiffness score is no surprise thanks to the fork’s sturdy aluminium construction, but all that stiffness means impacts or vibrations feed directly into the bar, so while it’s built to take the hardships of winter, it’ll make you suffer.

If you’re a powerful rider looking for maximum stiffness it might suit, but for steady winter miles we suggest you look elsewhere for a bit more comfort.

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