Oval A911 Jetstream road fork review£449.99

Aero fork

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The A911 is a very expensive fork, but then again you do get four blades for your money – the Formula 1-inspired aerodynamic design uses paired aerofoil sections to create each fork blade which sucks air away from the spokes to reduce drag.

Wind tunnel tests suggest significant time advantages at racing speeds, so if you’re after a PB then this could lend a hand. Comfort wasn’t fantastic on rough roads, but Oval have engineered in just enough flex to soften the smaller vibrations which can lead to fatigue.

Steering precision in tight bends was good although not quite as leading edge as the aerodynamics, but in the high speed bends you’re likely to find on a time trial course it feels stable and solid. Brakes mount behind the crown for more aero improvements but this can cause compatibility issues with some frames so check before you place your order.

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