Pro-Lite Giralba road fork review£124.99

Distinctly average

BikeRadar score2.5/5

An alloy crown and dropouts mean heavy handed mechanics needn’t worry about doing damage when fitting wheels or brakes to this fork.

A torque wrench is still required when clamping the stem to the weight-saving carbon steerer, though for £10 less you can buy an alloy version.

The Giralba is a little behind the best carbon forks in terms of vibration damping and doesn’t isolate you from road shocks well enough to really be called comfortable, though you’ll notice the difference compared to an aluminium fork.

Steering precision is acceptable for sweeping corners but when taking tighter bends this fork flexes sufficiently to make holding your chosen line difficult, especially with the noticeable rearward flex under braking.

Heavier riders should probably look elsewhere, but if you’re light and on a budget this fork might suit your needs.

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