Surly Pacer road fork review£69.99

Our choice for comfort

BikeRadar score4/5

Surly have used tried and tested chromoly steel to fashion a road fork that's designed for long, hard, training rides.

Before you fit this fork, take some time to admire the neat golden flash of brass solder that joins the steerer and crown as the other joints are painted and don’t show off the traditional manufacturing technique.

Out on the road the thin steel blades flexed sideways when cornering, causing understeer in high speed turns which gave the bike a lazy feel when riding fast, although steering response was always predictable so never gave the nasty surprises that some other flexible forks can.

While the extra weight will certainly make you work harder, its fantastic ability to mute road buzz and take the edge off harder hits makes the Pacer a very comfortable fork. Despite low deflection in lab tests, the flexible nature of slimline steel makes this our choice for armchair-like comfort.

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