Atomlab Pimp 60 fork review£199.00

Simple dirt jump fork

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Pimp 60 is specifically designed for dirt jump lovers who love the feel of a rigid fork, but also enjoy the use of their wrists.

It's super-rigid and although it offers 60mm (2.3in) of travel, it’ll take some doing to compress the spring and elastomer combination to even hint at this sort of displacement.

When hitting the trails, you get all the benefits of riding a rigid fork, with plenty of feedback and feel from the front end. Whack the Pimp 60 hard though, and there’s some give, which can take the sting out of the big stuff.

The simple looks and build with no damping mean this fork is up for some pretty nasty treatment and will always want to come back for more. There’s no mount for a front brake, which most dirt jumpers will appreciate.

The clean CNC-machined aluminium lowers prove to be ultra stiff, while the 20mm through-axle takes care of any torsional issues. However, the axle started undoing itself after heavy landings on our initial ride.

Atomlab advised us to tighten it super-tight, which seems to have solved it, but they’re looking at various clamping solutions. The lack of rebound damping is apparent if you pull up after a big compression of G-out. The fork is quite weighty too, at 2.6kg (5.9lb).

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