Manitou Dorado Pro downhill fork review£1,349.99

Alloy version of carbon superfork

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Dorado Pro fork is a real head-turner – it’s one of the best-looking dual crown forks that you can buy. The new alloy legs offer increased chassis stiffness over the pricier carbon version it's set to replace – and that’s not all that has changed.

The Pro also has an improved two-chamber, large-volume, low-pressure air spring with a single valve located at the top of the fork, making tuning far easier along with changes to the cable routing to help eliminate any former problems.

The TPC+ damping produces one of the smoothest strokes we’ve ever experienced, and keeps the wheel tracking the ground well, as well as helping to keep the traction at its maximum.

Hit it hard, and the Dorado Pro takes it in its stride, producing a controlled compression with no harsh bottoming-out, just a controlled ramping at the end of the 203mm (8in) stroke.

The weight of 2.99kg (6.6lb) means even the weight weenies will be happy, but if you’re a bigger rider, you may still notice a bit of flex on steeper tracks with harsher compressions or G-out turns.

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