Society 4XR fork review£275.00

Budget bruiser

BikeRadar score3/5

This budget bruiser is a great entry-level fork for any aspiring four-cross racer or dirt jumper. The simple, coil-sprung 4XR delivers 80mm (3.1in) of travel through super-stiff magnesium lower legs. Actual stanchion height is 100mm, though, helping you achieve race geometry without overloading on the travel.

The indexed compression and rebound adjusters offer a great range, taking the fork from soft and sensitive all the way through to virtually locked out. Elsewhere, the burly 20mm through-axle can be swapped to fit a standard quick-release hub, thanks to the adaptors provided.

Overall, the 4XR may not be quite as plush as some of the other four-cross-specific forks out there, but it can certainly take the hits without flinching, and good stiffness in the lower legs makes for consistent, clear cut steering.

The 2.5kg (5.5lb) heft may put you off if you’re a weight weenie, especially if you’re looking to build an ultra light race bike. Even if you’re not concerned about the weight, a tool-free axle design would make removing the front wheel much less of an effort than it is at the moment.

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