Fibrax Pro-formance sealed derailleur cable kit review£29.99

Fit-and-forget shifting set

BikeRadar score3/5

The Pro-formance sealed derailleur cable kit contains two slick coated inner cables (1.8m and 2.1m lengths), 2.7 metres of outer casing, two clear inner tubes, 12 ferrules, four frame protectors and two cable end caps – enough to fit most bikes. Fibrax also offer longer lengths for bikes with odd cable routing.

Fitting must be done with care. We measured up the outer cable and put in the frame stops to check length first. Then we ran the clear liner through the lot, putting the ferrules on after.

The instructions say to run the clear liner all the way through the rear mech, allowing for 5mm to show. We couldn’t get the liner through the inner cable hole on our SRAM mech, so we trimmed it to the same length as the outer cable.

We’ve had perfect shifting to date and no inner cable stretch. With the sealing on them, these cables should last a couple of seasons easily.

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