SRAM X.0 trigger shifters review£174.99

Great feeling, durable, but pricey cog-changers

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These pimp shifters also deliver the crispest, longest-lived action around - at a price.

SRAM reversed the normal cable ratchet internals to create 'Zero Loss' shifting, and its metallic machine-gun action is still the sharpest-feeling shift around. The front shift uses a cunning cam to equalize lever movement between the two rings for rapid middle to big ring jumps. It'll work with any front mech (handy, because there's no matching X.0 option).

It hasn't got the two-way release of the new XTR, but you can adjust the position of the pull lever to tune sweep. The whole pod can be shifted sideways to fi t neatly with most brakes, although combined 'Matchmaker' clamps are recommended for Formula brakes (available for Avids, too). All-metal internals, easy access via the completely removable carbon fibre top and the 1:1 ESP cable pull mean our original X.0s are still going strong, which makes the initial expense slightly less obscene. The X.0 shifters are available singly for £47.99, or as a pair for £174.99.

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