SRAM X.0 Twister shifters review£63.98

The ultralight racer’s no-brainer

BikeRadar score4.5/5

While the triggers are double the price, X.0 twisters cost only £10 more than the X9 counterpart, making them the ultralight racer’s no-brainer.

At less than 200g, these and the X9 are the lightest shifters available. They also change more gears, faster, in either direction than any other shift system. They’re intuitive and you can micro-adjust the front mech to stop chain grind in any gear.

We’ve had this set for years and they still work fine. They’re OK with filthy cables and these have super grippy grip sections – perfect for all-weather/winter glove work. They can mis-shift if you like to twist your whole grip to control the bike, but we don’t do that any more with these than we do with triggers.

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