ODI Troy Lee Designs lock-on grip review£21.99

A bright collaboration

BikeRadar score4/5

Collaborating with Troy Lee, these latest ODI grips are available in some ultra-garish colours. But the real beauty of these left- and right-specific grips is in the detail. Etched markings on the inner locking ring allow fast alignment, there's a slight extension of rubber that buffers the pad/outer lock join, plus an angled flange on the inside edge that sits at just the right angle for comfort.

However, it’s the ultra-tacky rubber and the tread pattern, similar to a Maxxis Larsen tyre, that puts these head and shoulders above many others. It’s easy to rotate your hands forwards on the grips, but they stick fast when pulling back – amazing for getting out of the gate quickly. It makes for outstanding control and performance in wet, muddy conditions.

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