Specialized Rocca grips review£12.99

Great for cross-country racing

BikeRadar score4/5

The Rocca takes the single-ended lock-on idea of Scott's Pro Closed grip and gives it a racer’s edge.

It features a similar single grub screw inboard collar, although in alloy rather than plastic (and in a rather susceptible-to-rounding 2.5mm size, instead of the 3mm found in the Scott grip).

The pattern is a bas-relief leaf shape with deep grooves between leaves for better grip in wet and muddy conditions. Each leaf also has a stipple effect finish for extra traction.

As with the Scott, the outer end is free of any bolts and is rubber, which gives good levels of comfort. You can go with or without gloves while using the Rocca and avoid sore hands, but we preferred these grips with.

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