microSHIFT nine-speed transmission review£77.00

Budget alternative to the big brands

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Taking on the big boys of transmission are microSHIFT, and the components seen here are their non-groupset nine-speed mountain bike offerings.

While the cable routing on the RD-M55 rear mech may seem a little behind the times, it works just fine. Both derailleurs are solidly made, well finished, lightweight and generally look more expensive than they are.

It’s worth noting that the FD-M50 front mech is only available with a 31.8mm clamp and as a top-swing design, but the cable can be routed from above or below.

The TS70-9 shifters aren’t quite as successful, with a stacked double lever reminiscent of 20-year-old STI design. Both levers are quite small, with the release being positioned above and inboard of the pull, which is less handy than its peers.

Ergonomic issues aside, the microSHIFT setup works well – we’d certainly give the mechs strong consideration as a budget replacement option.

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