San Marco Lorica Collezione Bar Tape review£24.99

Super-strong, comfy tape

BikeRadar score4.5/5

You might not get too excited about bar tape, but this is better than the stuff you’re using right now. 

Made from Lorica synthetic leather, the same material that San Marco uses to cover its saddles, it’s much tougher than the standard options out there. It’s highly resistant to tearing, doesn’t get scuffed up easily when you lean your bike against the wall, and will last you an age. 

It won’t soak up much water or get especially slippery when wet either. A sticky layer on the back keeps it in place while the sloping edges make for a smooth finish.

It’s available in black, blue, grey, red and pink.

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  • Discipline: Road, Mountain, Urban, Womens
  • Location: UK, USA, Australia
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