Burgtec Ride Wide Handlebars review£75.00

Great choice for Empire State humans

BikeRadar score5/5

If you're vertically challenged, then you'll probably run fairly narrow bars on your bike but big guys have had to put up with 28in ones - until now, that is.

A full 29.5in wide, these Scandium handlebars from Burgtec are leading the new movement of wide bars - which makes perfect sense for big guys that are throwing big bikes around.

Available in 20 and 40mm rises, with a 9 degree back sweep and 4 degree rise, they feel very wide - if a little too wide - when you first put them on. But after a few rides we were completely sold. They really are truly fantastic and make a huge handling difference.

Made from Scandium, they are extremely light. Our 40mm bar, uncut, weighed in at just over 270g, which is about as light as you can get. My usual handlebar (the 28in Azonic B52) is also Scandium and weighs in at just over 250g, so although the weight's pretty comparative, it's still amazingly light for something that is so robust. The Ride Wide is also £15 cheaper if that's more your thing.

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