FSA Afterburner flat handlebar review£65.00

Worthy addition to the wide/flat bar field

BikeRadar score3/5

The Afterburner is FSA’s entry into the wide-and-flat bar bun fight (there’s a low-rise model too). Its 670mm (26.4in) width isn’t over-generous by current bar standards, although it’s still wider than the average for flat bars. If you do decide to cut it down you’ll need to measure carefully – there are no cutting guides. There's an off-the-shelf 630mm (24.8in) option if you fear the hacksaw. 

The bar is shot-peened at the ends but not in the middle where the stem grips. Curiously, the Afterburner’s listed with a 4° upsweep which is odd for a bar that only sweeps along one plane. The ‘flat’ line on the angle scale on the bulge isn’t in the same plane, though – mount it according to that and it will indeed sweep up and back, which is a good thing. Although flat, the bulge is quite wide so there’s not quite as much space for controls as you’d expect. It’s unlikely you’ll struggle for room, though.

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