Ragley Carnegie Carbon riser bar review£99.99

Distinctive and surprisingly good

BikeRadar score4/5

Smooth and fluid riders will absolutely love the 170g Carnegie Carbon’s confident trail smoothing character, although aggressively dynamic riders would be better off looking elsewhere. The 685mm (27in) width combines well with the 28.5 degree of backsweep and 25.4mm rise to place your hands in a very comfortable position with a slight rearward weight shift compared to an average riser bar.

The net result is double-edged, however: it reduces the weight over the front wheel slightly, helping it to roll more easily over roots and the like without unsettling the ride position and contributes to the front feeling like it’s riding on a thick shag pile carpet – and that is a very good thing as it adds a considerable confidence bonus in all trail situations.

However, for riders who like to attack the trail and manhandle the bike by the scruff of its neck, the backsweep and slight rearward shift mean that it’s difficult to get enough weight over the front to really ride the fork hard which some may find unsettling. But if it works for you this is a great bar that genuinely adds comfort and confidence – and we can’t remember the last time we ever wrote that about a bar. Also available in black or raw carbon finish.

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