Ragley Wiser carbon riser bar review£90.00

A mad-looking bar that’s surprisingly sensible

BikeRadar score4/5

This wide, Kevlar-coated, 720mm man-size bar tips the scales at 190g and only shows its naked, seemingly fragile black weave at the tips. The bar ends have been left bare to aid cutting (though they do lack cut lines).

They won’t take many draws of the saw either because as well being smooth, the tips are also wafer thin. We’d recommend a set of lock-on style grips to provide a degree of crash protection; bar ends as thin as these are easy to damage.

There’s detectable flex across the eight-degree backsweep, though it’s more comfort-improving than accuracy-dulling. Our 25mm-rise sample kept the tallest front end low enough to limbo, but there’s a 38mm option for those who like it tall. Sadly, the alignment markers are too narrow to be useful on stems with wide clamps.

Even on our matt green test bike, that bizarre limey Kevlar produced the biggest clash since the Titans. There’s nothing this will match, unless some part of you has gone septic. We love its feel, while the visual brashness – the sexy-smooth finish, white painted logos and don’t-care nuclear glow – exudes quality.

If you’re not convinced by the green, there is a black version. Light, assured and friendly to the touch, this bar gives you well-spaced hands without the inertia of metal.

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