Syntace Duraflite carbon handlebar review£119.00

The perfect cross-country flat bar?

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Yes, it’s damn expensive, but this bar comes with an amazing 10-year warranty against breakage – Syntace have done some serious testing – and is a great performance flat bar for riders looking to wring maximum speed from their rides.

Despite the strength, our favourite bit is a tie between the 146g weight for the 600mm width (158g, 630mm), the nine-degree sweep and the titanium anti-crush mesh at the clamp zone.

The most obvious of these on the trail is the sweep: if you’ve only ever used three- or five-degree flat bars, you should consider trying this bar (Salsa make a 10-degree bar too). It’s comfortable, powerful and no less aero.

If you add the Duralite bar to a new F109 stem, you get one of the best strength-to-weight ratios possible – bars like this are why many pros remove their sponsored units and run blacked out Syntace products on their bikes instead.

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