Truvativ Noir T40 riser bar review£115.00

Low-rise carbon bar

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Noir components are Truvativ’s range-topping carbon parts, of which the T40 gear is the poshest. The Noir T40 riser bar (a racing-width flat bar is available too) is a neatly-finished and well-thought-out pipe. 

As well as thicker, reinforced ends, the T40 also comes with snug-fitting anti-crush bungs that offer extra support for bar ends. The bar has trim marks at the ends, but they only extend 10mm in from each end – beyond that and you’d be past the end of the reinforced section. There are thicker sections around where the controls clamp on. Truvativ have included a textured coating at the centre to prevent slippage.

At 205g for a 700mm bar the Noir is impressively light. The shape follows what seem to have become almost industry-standard numbers – it’s a popular formula because it works. Despite its low weight the Noir doesn’t mind being hauled on and you get a bit of carbon buzz-eating magic into the bargain.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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