Control Tech Razor Edge road bar review£99.99

Ovalised and forward-sweeping

BikeRadar score3.5/5

In the pursuit of comfort, Control Tech have created an ovalised top section with a wide hollow in the underside allowing cables to be routed neatly under the bar.

With a layer of bar tape added the resulting shape sits perfectly in the hand. Add in a subtle forward sweep to aid wrist alignment and you get a very comfortable position for long climbs and easy cruising.

When braking on the drops the variable radius curve is a little tight to be comfortable for big hands, but move down the bend to sprint and you’ll find ample room for a secure grip and no problems with wrists banging the tops.

The ovalised top section and relatively thin walled construction both aid the balance of stiffness and vibration damping and, while not outstanding in either area, the Razor Edge is the right combination for sportive riders.

Textured and reinforced sections at the bar and lever clamp areas are a welcome addition, but at this price the 289g weight is too big a penalty for the improved comfort.

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