HED Corsair aero bar review£599.99

Race-ready time trial bar

BikeRadar score4/5

HED's aero bar experience shows in this new ultralight, user-friendly and UCI legal built-in-brake cockpit. Black Dog is the most aerodynamic HED bar available, but the Corsair gets shorter 2.96:1 ratio wings to just sneak under the UCI time trial commissaires' radar.

The ‘hummingbird’ end pods are well-shaped and grip taped enough to make full bar tape optional. The minimalist carbon-bladed levers are built into the pods, with brake cables installed for easy fitting. As well as flat (here) or drop wing designs there are Kick, Lazy S (here) and S-bend extension options.

These plug into neat CNC receivers level with the bars. The carbon arm-pads cups get six different position options plus riser spacers, and can also be flipped up to give maximum bar space on longer climbs.

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