Powerplay Carbon Pro Handlebar review£49.99

Carbon wrapped alloy bars

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Snapshots of pro riders at the roadside stricken by a broken carbon handlebar are thankfully uncommon these days but there are plenty of riders who will only trust an aluminium handlebar; so for them, one that's 2014 T6 aluminium tubing wrapped in a decorative carbon layer throughout the top part has to be good news.

The anatomic pistol-grip spreads the load evenly, and while the oversized 31.8mm centre does nothing to make it stiffer than normal they feel secure when pulling hard on them. They are measured centre to centre so the overall width of our 42cm version is 44cm.

The Carbon Pro bar is 38g more than stated so it is expensive in terms of weight given that the 300g ITM Road Race anatomic aluminium handlebar costs just £19.99, but it is nevertheless a good looking and well made product.

Weight: 298g. Widths: 40, 42, 44cm. Diameter: 31.8mm (oversized only).

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