Profile Airwing OS handlebar review£29.99

Butted aluminium low-profile bar for time trials or triathlon

BikeRadar score4/5

This butted aluminium low-profile handlebar is meant for time trials or triathlon.

I put it on my fixed-wheeltime trial bike, but it’d be fine for a street fixie or as an upgrade for a flat-bar road bike.

The shape is fairly classic, with down-curved shoulders then a flat section that kicks up at the end.

Perhaps because I’ve got it on a fixed-wheel bike, I like this more than the straight-as-a-rifle-barrel extensions on integrated bars and aero-ish aluminium base bars like the Pro Synop TT bar (CPlus 206).

You can really haul on the Airwing bar when climbing or getting up to speed, and when your legs start to egg-whisk going downhill the upturned ends help keep your hands securely planted. Comfort is better too.

The internal cable routing is fairly token – less than 8cm is inside the bar; it’s grooved too but you will need bar tape (removed for the photo).

Stronger riders than me will appreciate the rigidity granted by the 31.8mm diameter centre; I’d be just as happy with the 26mm version – happier, actually, because my old aerobars would fit!

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