Rohloff Speedhub 14 transmission review£995.00

The daddy of internal gear hubs

BikeRadar score3/5

Rohloff’s Speedhub is the daddy of internal gear hubs. It’s a classic bit of kit and offers famously long-lasting performance – we’re talking tens of thousands of miles without difficulty in some cases.

The quick-release axle makes it easy to change wheels – just undo the clickbox at the end of the hub with your fingers and drop the wheel out in the usual way.

The disc mount isn’t a standard six-bolt one, so you’ll need to use Rohloff’s four-bolt 160mm rotors, but a range of fitting options means a Speedhub can be mounted on pretty much any bike.

It’s initially rather notchy, but becomes smoother with use. Although the 14 gears are evenly spaced, you’ll initially find the gaps on the big side if you’re used to cassettes.

The gears also feel different to one another – the bottom ones are noticeably more draggy, while eleventh is the direct-drive gear and considerably quieter.

The shifter is a twist unit, so you’re out of luck if you prefer triggers. The Speedhub is a solid performer, but the weight and biggish ratio gaps make it best suited for long-haul use rather than speed work.

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