BBB DualRide Combi pedals review£54.95

Better options are out there

BikeRadar score3.5/5

As their name suggests, the DualRide Combis have an SPD-compatible mechanism on one side of the pedal and a flat alloy platform (98x78mm, ovalised) on the other.

The platform is grippy enough – on a par with Shimano’s PD-A530, and the cleats snap in easily and securely. Gauges allow you to even up the spring tension accurately – although you can’t get at the bolts mid-ride unless you have an specially short Allen key (included) with you.

The two sealed bearings are good quality and opening the pedals up for maintenance is simple. The stainless steel plate in the middle of the pedal body is replaceable, adding to their long-term durability.

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