Crank Brothers Candy 4Ti pedals review£239.99

Premium trail pedals

BikeRadar score3.5/5

At just 198g per pair these diet pedals are as light as trail pedals are realistically going to get. Nevertheless, their function is pretty phenomenal. Engagement is quick, easy and super strong. There’s the usual Crank Bros level of ‘float’, so you’re by no means clamped in place, but there’s an obvious level of feel which links you in nicely to the bike.

After a long summer’s thrashing these pedals have come up smelling of roses. I haven’t needed to touch them yet, but if you fancy giving them a quick servicing they are completely rebuildable and Crank Brothers offer a complete range of replacement parts.

The one criticism we have regards the fibre composite body, because it can scuff up a bit but  it is replaceable. 

The key to their light weight is in the ‘Ti’ part of the name. Crank Brothers have made as much of these pedals out of titanium as possible. The spindles, wings and springs are all made from high-strength 6Al/4V titanium and even the kick plates get a super-hard titanium nitride suurface treatment. 

The price reflects the amount of the magic metal involved, but £240 is still a helluva lot for a pair of pedals.

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