Look KeO Carbon Ti pedals review£222.99

Costly performers

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Titanium axles, a carbon reinforced body and good quality bearings produce a pair of pedals that tip the scales at under 200g.

They also tip the wallet at over an eye-watering £200. Although they work well, unless you’re a weight-watching freak these aren’t really worth the money.

They come with the grey cleats, giving 4.5 degrees of float, which have small gripper sections built into them to make walking easier and also give more purchase on the pedal body when clipping in.

Servicing is easy, but experience has shown that leaving the high quality roller bearings inside well alone is the best way. Red and black cleats are available, giving nine degrees and zero degrees of float respectively.

The good thing about these is that even with the spring tension wound up tight they’re still easy to clip into, and the tension mainly affects the release.

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