Mavic Race pedals review£94.99

Performance clip-ins

BikeRadar score4/5

Just under £100 is a good price point for a pedal that works as well as this offering from Mavic, the French company better known for their rims, wheels and a splash of yellow.

The bearings are silky smooth out of the box, and hundreds of miles later they’re still working well. Cleats are available in standard seven-degree float or a red-coloured 0-degree option if you prefer.

Interestingly Mavic call their cleat the ‘Duracleat’, which implies they are durable – but sadly this is not the case. We have been through two pairs of cleats in the time that standard Shimano, Time and Look cleats have taken to just be on the verge of needing replacing. The good news is they’re only £13.50 a pair.

Clipping in and out is positive and smooth, making these by far the best road pedals for anyone new to clipless pedals, yet they offer the stability and performance that more experienced riders will love.

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