Shimano M647 DX pedals review£59.99

Resin-caged clipless pedals

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Here's Shimano's dependable SPD system in a bigger, easier-to-hit pedal. This is a trail pedal you can clip into, stand on, whack into rocks and not worry about.

The usual clockwork precision of the SPD entry and exit will delight Shimanoites, as will the durability.Shimano has made metal-bodied platform cipless pedals, but its cheaper resin-bodied ones turned out to be more durable as well as lighter, so Shimano came up with this high-end version.

It's also believed that in some circumstances the resin body will slide over rocks rather than gripping and launching the rider over the bars, so if you're prone to pedal-snag crashes, these might save you a flying lesson.

Detractors will point to them being less than optimum for planting errant feet, and they’re only okay at dealing with thick mud.

Essentially, if you like pedalling where others don’t, then save yourself at least one avoidable crash and use the resin-bodied DX.

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