Speedplay Light Action Stainless pedals review£149.99

Easy to use clipless option

BikeRadar score4/5

With Speedplays, the retention mechanism is on the cleat rather than the pedal and they’re a little more complicated than most to set up.

Clipping into the double-sided pedals requires little force – you just put your foot vaguely in the right area and, regardless of the pedal angle, the cleat guides you into place.

The cleats are expensive and clunky to walk in, but the system itself is pretty light, the bearings silky and easy to regrease, and the slim stack height gives you tons of cornering clearance. 

The real distinguishing characteristic, though, is tons of tension-free float. They’re available in lighter titanium (£259.99) and heavier chromoly (£109.99) versions as well as the stainless steel option tested here.

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