Syncros Mental Magnesium pedals review£90.00

Featherwight flatties with serious pins

BikeRadar score4/5

Syncros’s Mental pedals have always been solid and effective, but they were just too heavy for most riders. Now with featherweight magnesium bodies, they're light enough that you wouldn’t feel out of place fitting them to a cross-country bike.

In fact, that’s really the point of these pedals. They're a bit too fragile for rock-smashing downhill antics, but make the ideal flat companions on those super-steep alpine trails, where every gram counts on the three-hour climb to the trail summit.

The Mentals' airy cast magnesium bodies areconcave to allow the shoe to sit into them, and are each covered with 12 pins per side, each with a cleft top to bite into soft-soled footwear. 

Bearings are sealed and smooth, running on steel axles for durability. 

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