Time ATAC Alium review£29.99

Budget mud-phobic pedal

BikeRadar score4/5

The venerable ATAC Alium has the famous mud-phobic Time performance, plus Tonka-toy durability thanks to solid cast alloy construction and steel wire clear retention bars.You to choose if you have sensitive knees and you’re really not that bothered by weight or high-tech glamour. 

And, because this is one of the less glitzy models in Time’s range, the price tag is pretty attractive, too.

The steel axle performs perfectly, spinning on well sealed bearings that will last longer than most suspension concepts, while a positive clunk-click lets you know that you’re clipped in. 

The wire bars offer a higher degree of rotational and lateral float than the cast items on more modern Times – good for anyone with sensitive knees.

The pedal works well right out of the box, and if you really don’t mind the extra 100g over most other clipless models, you’ll be well rewarded by the Alium.

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