Time ATAC Carbon Ti pedals review£203.50

State-of-the-art lightweight mountain bike pedals

BikeRadar score4/5

Time began using its twin-bar clipless designin the mid-’90s, and the latest is the state-of-the-art ATAC Carbon Ti model – which is race- winningly light and also bank account-cripplingly expensive, too.

The end result has the light weight of an Eggbeater with greater bearing life but only 70 percent of the mud-clearing ability.

The old steel wire retention bars have been replaced with cast items, and the pedals offer five degrees of float, 5mm of lateral movement and a spring tension adjuster.

The entry and release click remains positive and sure, thanks to the ATAC’s open design, even when there’s the best part of a muddy field jammed there.

Time worked to improve its bearing seals, and the latest has a rubber collar that’s so tight that it can squeak if it dries out (a drop of light lube sorts it).

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