Time I-Clic Carbon Titanium road pedals review£274.99

Cleverly engaging

BikeRadar score4/5

Time has also moved towards an oversized platform, a slightly narrower 52mm width but a longer cleat bed at 75mm. The longer, narrower shape doesn’t feel quite as stable as the Blade, and once the cleats wore in we did experience a little rocking. Despite being longer than the Blades, the titanium axled I-Clics have a much more open design, and weigh slightly less at 182g a pair. The entry-level Fibreflex versions (£82.99) are 260g a pair.

Time’s carbon sprung design uses an ‘auto-step-in’ engagement system: as you place your foot on the pedal, it opens and clamps your shoe. With no need to push through spring tension it’s easy to clip in. It’s different to any other system – and the best we’ve tried.

The I-Clic Carbon Titanium offers plenty of adjustability: the float can be altered through +/- 5 degrees which is great if your knees are a bit dodgy, and there’s a further 2.5mm of offset adjustment. Three extensions, on either side of the cleat and up front enable you to walk without damaging the engagement points or needing covers, but they do wear rapidly and can eventually break off. However, although the cleats wear faster than Look or Shimano, their ease-of-use means I-Clics are definitely our favourite pedals right now.

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