Time RXS Grey pedals review£76.99

Popular single-sided road race pedals

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The RXS pedals are cheaper versions of the more expensive Time Carbons. The big difference here is the body material just being a composite rather than carbon reinforced. This adds a little weight and takes a little strength but most people won’t notice the difference.

What it does do, though, is reduce the price. It has all the same top features and plenty of all-round adjustment. Release angle is 15 degrees making them quick to exit when you need to.

The rest of the performance is identical to the more expensive Carbon models. Low stack height and plenty of float are the RXS strong points and they’re a popular race pedal. The characteristic float of Time pedals is very knee friendly and makes them a good choice if you have any problems in that area.

The cleat also lasts a long time and the extra tabs at the back make walking on hard floors that little bit less lethal.

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