Halo Mercury Skewers review£59.99

The chromoly units offer good performance and weight for the money

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These are well finished, good looking skewers, and the carbon and titanium versions share the same neat carbon lever. The cam/roller locking mechanism is positive in its action, with a delrin insert to keep things smooth. 

There are two options, the more sensible one being a hollow chromoly skewer set that weighs in at a svelte 72g. If you're feeling flush you could splash out on a set of titanium skewers instead. They're advertised at fully 5g lighter, but I couldn't tell any difference in the weight, and given that the chromoly ones are stronger and 20 quid cheaper it's a bit of a non-contest really. 

And should you buy the £40 chromoly version? Well they're impressively light, but they certainly don't feel flimsy. If you're in the market for some featherweight skewers you can do a lot worse; there are lighter skewers out there, but not many for 40 quid. The Ti ones aren't quite as compelling.

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