Powerplay carbon skewers review£44.99

There's a point to this product for someone, somewhere

BikeRadar score2/5

Carbon lends itself well to some structures, such as organic, flowing, monocoque frames and simple tubes for bars and such.

Other things it does less well, for example fiddly levers and small components - both of which feature heavily in a wheel skewer.

What you end up with here is a rather large and not particularly pretty cam lever stuck on a very ordinary looking skewer with steel nuts and a chromoly spindle. They're not hugely light at 112g and they're not a noticeable improvement, function-wise, on standard Shimano skewers.

It's hard to see why you'd buy them, really. If you just want better skewers, a set of Hope steel ones are only £25. If you want to save weight, X-lite's titanium offerings at the same price are 40g lighter.

If you absolutely must have carbon wherever possible, then I guess you'd better put yourself down for a pair.

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