Fizik Gobi AM Kium saddle review£94.99

A modern classic

BikeRadar score4/5

The Gobi mountain bike saddle is something of a modern classic, with the narrow, kicked-up shape having proved itself enduringly popular. The wings of the shell are prominent, but they’re designed to flex as your legs press against them, so they’re never obtrusive while still helping to support your weight.

On paper the Gobi is a very long saddle, but the extra length is due to the pointy tail, which isn’t a bit you’ll be sitting on. We’d actually rather it was flatter across the back to reduce the possibility of hooking up as you move forward on to the seat, but that’s a minor niggle rather than a major problem. Fi’zi:k don’t say exactly what the K:ium rails are made from, but the Gobi manages an impressively low weight without being overtly minimalist.

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