Allay Sport 1.1 saddle review£39.99

Numb-busting saddle

BikeRadar score3/5

The main design aim of Allay saddles is to move the saddle’s contact area towards the sit bones, relieving pressure on the perineum and eliminating numbness in the process. It certainly does feel like your weight is distributed further back on the saddle; it’s unusual rather than uncomfortable, but we didn’t find it as comfortable as a good normal saddle.

All Allay saddles share some common features, the most obvious and innovative being a neck that’s constructed of a fabric sling over an air cushion.

Some of the more expensive racing models allow you to change the pressure to adjust the ride, but the Sport, weighing 484g and aimed more at the leisure/ commuting market, has its pressure pre-set.

It also features chromoly rails and a synthetic leather and nylon seat.

If you suffer badly from numbness on big rides then it’s worth having a look at this range, though you’d probably be better off with one of the racing perches with their adjustable pressure settings.

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